a night you will never forget


Tegen Jones. After traveling the world for a few years, singing on cruise ships and elsewhere, I stumbled into the world of ABBA. At that time I wanted to change and was looking for a new vocal challenge. I had seen that there was an audition at Pineapple Studios in London for the role of Frida in the production “ABBA Gold – The Concert Show”.

I soon discovered that this world is loved by every generation. The ever-incredible response from the audience is what has kept me singing and presenting these fantastic songs from ABBA, night after night, for all these years! Seeing the audience smile and hearing them sing along to every word is an unbeatable feeling and makes me give my best. I hope I can pass on this joy to my audience for many more shows, as long as the ABBA legacy lives on like this!

Goldi Hildmann. As a small child, I was fascinated by the cover of the ABBA LP “Arrival” from my parents’ record collection. They played ABBA’s music all the time, which made the music imprint itself on me, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Only later did I realize that I could sing along to many of the well-known ABBA songs just like that. My friends were very surprised, but they were impressed by the great songs and my enthusiasm and celebrated with me. I wasn’t the only one who later became an ABBA fan; for me, the best pop music

ever written, arranged and recorded!

We, with Abba Gold the concert show, would like to make this fascinating musical treasure tangible for all generations and also take the youngest ones into the ABBA music world and turn them into fans.
It is a privilege at any time to be able to play these great hits for the ABBA fan community, which is growing again and still growing! I am thrilled – experience it!

Marianne Bei. ABBA songs have always played a special role in my life. The energy, the emotions and the feeling of joy that the four original ABBAs conveyed when they sang and danced the songs on stage is something wonderful. Everything just fits and feels right. You are immediately carried away by the happiness of the music and forget everything else in life. I can’t wait to perform this amazing concert experience with ABBA Gold The Concert Show for our audiences from October and hopefully bring the same joy, happiness, and emotions to the thousands of people who will come and experience the show. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Dale Forbes-Sutherland. I had my first intense experience with the music of ABBA when I was 5 years old. The ABBA music resounded throughout the house from my parents’ loudspeakers and, when I close my eyes, I can still see them dancing. Dancing Queen was always the first song played, with the familiar glissando.
Then, 19 years ago, ABBA music came back to me. Back then, I applied for Abba Gold – The Concert Show and had no idea then that the Dancing Queen glissando would now become a big part of my life again!

For me, every night is like the first, which is mainly due to our wonderful audience and their reactions, which are filled with nostalgia and memories.
We give our best every night, with full commitment and personal dedication, with a smile and a song for the audience in our show. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Halla Eaglesham. Coming from a musically born family, it will come as no surprise that music (especially musicals) was a big part of my childhood. My first memory of ABBA is when I was five years old and saw the film Mamma Mia and learned that the songs from that film were by a world-renowned group of four singers. A very exciting moment for me as a child was when I realized after some time that ABBA had produced albums upon albums full of hits for all generations.

Today I am still a big ABBA fan and I can hardly believe that I get to go on stage and sing some of my favourite songs for the audience. I can’t thank my parents enough for their amazing and constant support of my dreams, which can now really come true with ABBA Gold: The Concert Show! I am looking forward to the stages and sharing the great feeling with the audience with the whole team of ABBA Gold -The Concert Show!

Alex Ward. As a child of about 10, my story of how I got into the music of Abba is a very normal one.

My story of getting to know ABBA: I went with my mother by car to go shopping and to visit friends and listened to ABBA music, at that time still from a cassette. I constantly urged my mother to rewind the cassette and play my favorite songs (Knowing Me Knowing You, Gimme Gimmee Gimmee, Does Your Mother Know etc….) over and over again. Funnily enough, I especially enjoyed the songs that were, and of course still are, arranged with prominent guitar.

Many years later, following my First-Class Honours degree at the Leeds College of Music and taking part in many West End tours (the last of which was Rock of Ages), I arrived full circle and got to realize my childhood dream. I get to play some of ABBA’s guitar lines on ABBA Gold – the concert show, the very ones I remember most from my childhood!
It’s no secret that music is about community and the joy of seeing this beautifully put-together concert experience of ABBA Gold – the concert show brings joy to both the audience and the musicians alike. This is a great feeling to cherish for a long time.

Elka. As a trained performer from the UK, I am delighted to be working with the performers and creatives of ABBA Gold to bring the magic of ABBA’s music to life! I danced as soon as I could walk, discovered my voice and was supported by friends and family to follow my musical heart. I love every minute I am on stage, which is usually very infectious when watched by the audience. Imagine combining that exhilarating stage feeling with the fabulous melodies that ABBA created? For me, it doesn’t get much better than THAT! Being a part of the ABBA Gold family isn’t just about singing and performing, it’s about reviving an era that gave us some of the catchiest tunes of all time. From “Dancing Queen” to “Mamma Mia”, we’re all about celebrating the good, soulful vibes that have stood the test of time!