The new ABBA songs: They’re coming, they’re not coming …

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Do you still remember the old game with the flower and the blossoms? Plucked out and counted one after another, at the end it should be clear whether it will work out with the longed-for love or not. (He loves me, he doesn’t love me) We at ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show are very much reminded by this exciting guessing game of puzzles of the expected back and forth around the new and so far unreleased ABBA titles “I Still Have Faith In You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”. Our last status was autumn 2019 and we were full of anticipation like you. But that won’t work. Björn comes back again with a new release date and it’s also pretty vague. But we don’t give up hope, never! 😊

ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus announces release for 2020

Björn told the German Press Agency (dpa) literally: “Next year, definitely. I can say that truthfully”.

Björn has never been so concrete-unconcrete, but it still makes us feel positive. The year 2020 is long, ok, but would Björn appear so determinedly, if the date had not already been set internally – if the music factory hadn’t already been started long ago? Definitely is definite, we guess, and now it is the point of no return. If ABBA postpones the release again now, it will be embarrassing at some point.

We remember: In April 2018 the music world trembled when it was said that two new ABBA titles would come until the end of 2018. Then due to technical problems with the ABBA Avatar show planned in parallel, everything was delayed until summer 2019, then until autumn 2019.

Here we are and “picking” the endless flower: They come, they don’t come, they come, they don’t come, they come … Well, they will, we are looking forward to 2020 😉