ABBA and the ESC

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Dear friends of the summer sun, dear audience,

it’s not that long ago: Dutchman Duncan Laurence wins the ESC 2019 in Tel Aviv with “Arcade”. Sweden’s contribution was also great, but only came 5th, Germany and England were quite far behind. We from ABBA GOLD The Concert Show love the ESC and of course we look forward to the performances from Sweden every year. After all, the Swedes have won the Grand Prix/ESC 6 times since “Waterloo”: 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012 and 2015. They can do that easily and deservedly, they occupy second place behind Ireland in the most frequent wins. It was the year 1974, when our 4 from ABBA won the medal and afterwards had an incredible world career. But that has long been part of the general knowledge. 😊

Sweden on the winning track

Do you remember the other champions too? In 1984 the three brothers of the group “Herreys” smashed the title “Diggi-loo Diggi-ley” and danced to it in tight white jeans and golden cowboy boots. In 1991 the pretty power woman “Carola” was “Fångad av en stormvind” or “Captured by a storm wind”. The blonde “Charlotte Nilson” reminded a bit of Agnetha in 1999. She won the ESC with the song “Take Me to Your Heaven”. That was a fluffy title, which reminded not only optically but also musically a tiny bit of the sound of ABBA. 😊In 2012 we enjoyed the beautiful barefoot fairy “Loreen” with “Euphoria” and the crazy black and white trick animation in 2015 from singer “Måns Zelmerlöw” to his Bäng! Title “Heroes”, has also impressed. From Sweden comes simply again and again super good, new and fresh music.

The Oracle

Which brings us to the point: New music! Of course, we would all like to (finally) hear the two new songs from ABBA. (One would be enough) 😊At the ESC 2019 a man (was it a magician?) stood in the greenroom and oracled about the future of ABBA. We don’t look into the crystal ball, because whatever happens, the history and the music of ABBA are and remain overwhelming, unique and timeless for us and we are happy that we as ABBA GOLD The Concert Show can inspire so many people of almost all generations. Listening to the new songs from ABBA and playing one of our concerts for you, all right, that would be really great. It would have been awesome if ABBA had presented one of the new tracks in the grand finale of ESC during the voting. The opportunity was really good … but no, we had to watch Madonna go under. Well, who knows, next year there will also be the ESC, that’s for sure. Sweden will be there, that’s for sure, too. Will there be ABBA to listen to? Well, only the oracle 😊knows that.

Summer greetings to all of you out there from Team ABBA GOLD The Concert Show!