“How the press sees us”

Posted by Abba Gold Team Category: News

When it comes to the press response to our ABBA GOLD – The Concert Shows, we, like all our colleagues from the show and music scene, are always a bit excited. Do people like us, do they not? Why do people like us, why don’t they like us? – Sure, it’s always exciting when the press is in the “house”.  We read all articles of the writing guild about our concerts very carefully and of course we take negative criticism to heart. The most informative articles from our point of view will be posted on the homepage of ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show in the section press articles for all interested parties, our fans, our families, friends and business partners.

Not surprisingly, such headlines and quotes from 2018/2019 make us happy:

“Having the time of your life is program” +++”The colorful show is a big hit” +++ “Chapeau” +++ “The audience cheered them on as if they were the originals” +++ “It’s the passion of the singers and musicians that gives the evening its full glory” +++ “Gigantic light show “+++ “The Abba family celebrates with their idols “+++ “Cross-generational Abba fever “+++ “A successful journey through time and appreciation”.

Super! These are reviews, which we were of course very happy about. Sure, there was also criticism: Not every press representative likes all costumes or dance choreos, for example. One or the other doesn’t appreciate the kind of our stage performance or the stage moderation doesn’t go down so well. Ok, that’s fine. For us, negative reviews are an incentive to become even better in the coming year.

“Knowing you – Knowing me” is our new motto. We are working on it in order to inspire our audience and also the people of press, radio and television on the upcoming tour, like this journalist who totally flashed us with his words for the show 2018/2019: “Applause for the best ABBA show musically for years”.

Thank you for this great compliment! Thanks to all of you, for your work, your time, for every criticism and every carefully chosen word! You tell us that we are on the right track.