The presale starts!

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Dear audience, dear friends of “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show”, the time has come: We start the presale for the season 2019-20 under the slogan: “Knowing You – Knowing Me”.

 On our upcoming tour you can expect a firework of brilliant ABBA hits, an impressively beautiful lightshow, the best glitter costumes from the ABBA era and above all a lot of joy and happiness. Yes, ABBA simply makes you happy, we from “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show” see that at every one of our concerts and it makes us proud and happy when you leave the concert hall with a favourite song on your lips, or better still – floats 😊 and indulges in the most beautiful memories. That’s how it should be!

 How about next time you bring your family or friends and we all party together? We from “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show” play for you the greatest hits of ABBA and you have a great evening with us with a guaranteed gigantic atmosphere.  

 The music of ABBA is timeless and fascinates all generations. That’s what we see every evening at our concerts. Mothers dance with their daughters, whole families celebrate together, grandma & grandpa are there with their grandchildren and their hips suddenly don’t hurt so much anymore – it’s wonderful how well we understand each other as soon as the first bars of ABBA’s unforgettable music starts. It will be the same in the coming season. We know, of course, that our concert tickets are a popular gift and if we have now had the brilliant gift idea for your loved ones or friends, we will be happy. Look forward to the new season of “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show” in 2019-20. The fascinating live performance and a great experience for young and old – simply an event in a class of its own! The ABBA feeling is still alive!