Every year again … the search for the perfect gift – Last-minute tickets for “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show”

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The same drama every year: In October, Christmas is far away and the mood is relaxed. In November, the first plans are forged, with which one could make one’s loved ones happy, but there is no need for action yet. At the beginning of December there is a lot of work to be done and the gift question is postponed. And then – suddenly the third Sunday in Advent is over and time is running out. Very close! Give what? And where else to get it in time? After all, the present should also be meaningful, lovingly selected, of course, and give pleasure to the addressee. Good advice is often expensive!


But the solution is obvious. Because what do we like to remember when we think back? What enriches our lives and makes us happy? That’s right. Neither vouchers nor ties under the Christmas tree, but the time we spend together during the holidays – and not just there! – with our family and friends. Common experiences connect and strengthen our relationships. Common memories are like an energy pool that we live on for a long time.


So why not give Christmas presents that are the most valuable: time together! And what more could there be than a visit to “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show” – a live event with immortal music that unites generations? Whether for parents or for children, whether for the best friend and the clique, the dear work colleague or the young at heart grandparents: visiting a concert at “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show” brings people together and creates wonderful memories that will stay alive for a long time. True to the motto of the current show: “Having the time of your life!”


By the way, tickets for “ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show” are also a gift for latecomers:




On 24 December you can still get your tickets for your concert gift. Simply buy online, print at home and put an unforgettable event under the Christmas tree!


Merry Christmas!



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